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How much power will you need?
Published: 2013-08-08

The speedlimit is 20 km/h in most eurpoean countries:
Published: 2013-08-08

Models not featured (and why)
Published: 2014-02-15
Some models we found did not qualify as eScooters worth writing about. But we thought we might summarize them since you might come across pictures of them on other sites. Most of these scooters are picked up from the extensive list 51 Perfect Scooters for Summer from 2013.

Homemade eScooters
Published: 2014-02-16
Sometimes i come across homemade eScooters that are never meant for massproduction, just for fun, Here are a few:

Models not featured: eMopeds
Published: 2014-02-16

Models not featured: Part 3 - Prototypes
Published: 2014-02-20

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