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Evoking 2000 - The hot 1300W model is soon in Europe!
Asked German Forca Sports if they knew anything about the fierce 1300W eScooter Crazy Mike in USA brought home this spring. They revealed that they also had taken in a test copy. Now it seems that they will start selling this model soon ...

added 2013-09-06 by Patrik

review: Alibaba 2013 @ Forca
During the summer of 2013 I got some tips that buying scooters from germany was cheaper then buying them regionally in sweden. It turned out to be true and also they had a lot of never and better models! The assholes at rull still only sells overpriced 2012 models and even their latest shipment in august 2013 is the 2012 model!

added 2013-09-04 by Patrik

eDrift plans to buy/test the Freego UV-05
when talking to a segway dealer/enthusiast in europe he argued about the poor quality in the Chinese copies. eDrift plans to find out if there is anything to this. Chinese products are often or always inferior, especially copies, but at a price at just a 10% of the original, how can you resist?

added 2013-08-14 by Patrik

eDrift makes amazing alexa entry after only 4 days online!
added 2013-08-04 by Patrik

The World's First Highway for Electric Bikes Will be Built in Holland
Things couldn't be any clearer, as the very title says it all: Holland will build the world's first highway dedicated to electric scooters and e-bikes/ pedelecs, linking the cities of Amsterdam and Almere.

added 2013-08-04 by Patrik

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