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Another TV appearance of the Solar Electric Scooter!
Some months ago the Solar Electric Scooter was featured in the background the hit tv-series 2 Men. Mike Donnell told us then that work out of LA where the series was shot and they knew just the right people to get it placed in the background.

added 2014-10-31 by Patrik

E-TWOW/ZoomAir/L-Trott - an updated version of the Coolpeds scooter!
Out now on a crowdfunding campaing on with 11 days to go. James Lai at Zoom informs us that the crowdfunding is cancelled but the scooter is alive! ZoomAir is the market name for E-TWOW in Southeast Asia and Australia.

added 2014-03-21 by Patrik

eDrift - Now with extra battery power!
At the moment rechargeable batteries has peaked our interest (since we are building our own electric scooter) and are currently researching various battery technologies for an article.

added 2014-02-27 by Patrik

DISCOVERY: MyWay not made in Israel but in China!
Another scooter developer hiding where their product is actually made! And don't think this will be the last discovery!

added 2014-02-16 by Patrik

DISCOVERY: German Egret not so german!
The Singapore blogg discovered that the German egret might not so German after all. It bears a striking resembles with the Egret One!

added 2014-02-13 by Patrik

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