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GausWheel - For the Hipsters of the future
If the most importation point in your transportation method is too look as weird as possible then the GausWheel might be something for you. Is hard to tell if it has an electric motor from all the flashing lights and spinning around but most likely this a non electric scooter only.

added 2015-03-03 by Patrik

RocketSkates... The long awaited transportation solution for future mankind!
You can put an engine in almost anything. Segways, solowheels, electric surfboards, eSkateboards and now finally Rocketwheels...

added 2015-03-03 by Patrik

the Red Rhino Reddie
Got an email today which looked exactly like spam but when studding it closely is was more of an promotional mass-email. The product is called the Red Rhino Reddie. Not to bad of an name.

added 2015-02-26 by Patrik

Germany SXT Scooters has no one fooled!
When someone screams poor quality companies that are not on the rink of bankruptcy often try to redeem themselves. As can bee seen from the creative works of hollywood. Almost anything can be produced too look real. Even Chinese crap.

added 2015-02-17 by Patrik

Strange tilting escooter from 2007
Some years ago we found an image of an obscure escooter looking like something from a disney cartoon with just the name eMove. Thanks to a tip from Lars Jansson we managed to find out a bit more!

added 2015-02-06 by Patrik

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