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Should you buy the VOMO indigogo scooter?
If you think you recognize it then you do. It a Egret clone. Egret was developed in Germany as a high quality light weight scooter some years ago. But it did not trend well and the price was to high so the moved production to china. Other chinese factories started making clones just like the amoebas they are soon there where 100 of different clones available at alibaba and other outlets. This has rendered the Egret almost impossible to sell since knockoff copies now are available at less then ha

added 2015-08-10 by Patrik

Lampugas Electric Surfboard
Lampuga has created Electric Surfboards similar to to Jet Skis that can reach 54 km/h. It powered by and 15000W engine and a 52 batteri that has a range of about 19 km. It only weight 39 kilo. The price is estimated to 15,400 so dont expect one for your birthday. But this would be an excellent product for rental services that already rent water wheicles like Jet skis or Water Jet Packs.

added 2015-04-30 by Patrik

Chinese copycats Ninebot owners buys the original Segway brand!
Segway has not made any major chances to neither product or price since the 2007 version of is Segway and which has led to a flood of chinease copies and clones outselling the brand in most corners of the world. One of the hottest clones, Ninebot, whose owner now also own the segway brand since mid april 2015.

added 2015-04-26 by Patrik

The EV4 is tilting in the right direction
EV4 looks like its built out of mekano pieces but the video is very convincing. The tilting seems to be very well developed an it can handle high speeds well. The name EV4 is short and smart and describes the 4 wheel electric vehicle perfectly.

added 2015-03-08 by Patrik

BMW MINI Citysurfer Concept
In November this scooter appeared on gizmag and sgscooters. It's one of them most beautiful scooters we've seen so far. Its designed by german automaker BMW who owns the British car brand mini. It's a scooter to accompany the small British mini car series.

added 2015-03-05 by Patrik

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