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velocifero MAD - The coolest scooter ever?
Designed by Alessandro Tartarini as offroad high power electric scooter. It is produced in china and many components bear resemblance with the low quality 1000W and beyond scooters that dominate the market. This actually has pretty much the same basic design but look like it has gone true a car crusher.

added 2016-06-05 by Patrik

Lopifit - the most ridiculous ebike yet?
Most ebike have pedals, some have Steps but this has a moving walkway!!! You do not add much torque by jogging on the walkway, its mostly an electric motor keeping it running! Its there to give you more exercise! Its for those who would like wind in their face while walking the treadmill! Simply the most ridiculous ebike/scooter yet!

added 2016-05-26 by Patrik

Airwheel Z5
Airwheel Z5, a new goodlooking light foldable electric scooter! In march 2016 at the CeBIT i germany this was first made public. A previous version called Z3 with a bottle battery on the stem also is for sale.

added 2016-05-19 by Patrik

Soon Electric scooters will be legal in Europe!
Florian Walberg, Emmanuel Husson and companies including Decathlon (France), Honda, Toyota, Segway, Egret (Germany), L-Trott (France) and Trikke (Netherlands) are working for anew vechicle class called PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicles).

added 2016-04-03 by Patrik

Lab'elle - French electric lightweight foldable 350W scooter VIDEO
We've looked into this french electric scooter due to premiere in march 2016 with a price of 1600. Its a updated version of the e-Twow and looks very promising. Check out or video.

added 2016-02-14 by Patrik

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