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velocifero MAD - The coolest scooter ever?

Designed by Alessandro Tartarini as offroad high power electric scooter. It is produced in china and many components bear resemblance with the low quality 1000W and beyond scooters that dominate the market. This actually has pretty much the same basic design but look like it has gone true a car crusher.

But if we look closely they seem to be using totally different quality part. Is can only be compared to Scrooser and the Beast. But beware of pirate copies! Already a company in china is making look-a-likes with inferior parts!

We cant find any reseller yet but we estimate the reseller price to be around 1000. It comes in 5 versions 500-1600W all with lead acid packs but there are also options for lithium batteries (samsung 48V15Ah). Top speed is 20-45 km and range 20-30 km.

Thanks to Palle Rellos for the tip!

Official site
Official site (working link)