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Airwheel Z5

Airwheel Z5, a new goodlooking light foldable electric scooter! In march 2016 at the CeBIT i germany this was first made public. A previous version called Z3 with a bottle battery on the stem also is for sale.

It seems to have the same rear engine as the Imax T3 with a Solid rear wheel. Weight is 14 Kg but not much more then is know yet. 20km/h seems too be the speed on a chinease site and distance is 20 km but dont cite us on that.

No resellers has this yet but i made some inquries and will soon know more. Reseller price seems to be 320-360 + shipping so it wont be expensive.

The scooter made news on 100 of sites but no rear info has surfaced exept som CAD and promo images.