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Soon Electric scooters will be legal in Europe!

Florian Walberg, Emmanuel Husson and companies including Decathlon (France), Honda, Toyota, Segway, Egret (Germany), L-Trott (France) and Trikke (Netherlands) are working for anew vechicle class called PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicles).

It was not long ago a similar change took place allowing electric bikes with the EPAC.

Not much is set in stone but they seem to be leering towards a speed limit of 25/h, like pedalecs. 30 km/h is according to me a much better limit so it can include American scooters (20 mph=32 km/h with 10% margin of error) and 30 km/h is also the most common minimum speed limit for cars.

The standard will be proposed in Q1 of 2016. There is also talks of allowing speedbikes (45km/h electric bikes) and self-driving (electric cars). In sweden 45 km/h ebikes of the brand Stromer was recently made legal as bikes/mopeds. Testing of selfdriving cars will begin by volvo in 2017. How does it look in your country?