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eScooters are new, hot, cool and everybody want one (or more). Studies show that in 2020 there will be more electric 2/3wheeled bikes then conventional bikes. In holland today every third bike sold is an eBike. Most people in europe own a bike. But only 0,025-0,01%* owns a e Scooter! The market is poptentially huge and expanding rapidly. Segway led the way but now 100's of other eScooters are gaining the gap.

eDrift is one of the first sites it the world to write solely about eScooters. Previously only resellers and some techblogs (like this one for instance) bothered with this kind of transportation. eDrift will hopefully be the hub where people go to get info, recomendations and look for the hottest and uppcoming models.

During 2013 eDrift will offer simple small banner adds for only €1 per month or €10 per year. If you want bigger adds or integrated adds, let us know. Contact info.

*in sweden but probably similar thruout europe.