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What is a Scooter?
What differentiate scooters from eMopeds/Vespas and motorcyckles are smaler wheels, lower speeds, and ligher weight. When it comes to electric scooters the often set at 20-25 km/h bgut i may varies. De design can be calssified info 4 genres, motorised kickboards, gyro controlled, 3-wheelers and other (usually eBikes with pedals removed or some more futuritic designes). Motorised kickboards kan also be called lightweights.

Electric scooters:
The saga begun ca 1895 in USA when a patent was filed for a battery-powered bicycle. The 20th century however was devoted to gaspowered engineering but the Segway revolution in the early 2000's led to an unexpected legalisation of small e powered vehicles and there are today literally 100's of models commercially available for sale and twice that in production or in DIY styles. eDrift will try to document the most popular, interesting and promising ones. We are hosted in sweden and began in the fall of 2012 with the swedish site The summer of 2013 we saw a spike in interest and decided to launch and European affiliate in english. Our goal is to document, review and recommend quality vehicles. We will focus on small affordable electric scooters designed for grownups intended for entertainment, personal transportation and practical use but will also explore other types of interesting electric vehicles. For eBikes we recommend the excellent site:

We are not driven by profit but will have some google ads to pay for domain name (the site is sharing hosting with the popular swedish musicsite so server cost will be none). We also might accept sponsoring and adds from serious seller and retailers (all related croundfunding/kickstarter campaigns will have free adds!). After all, we want the market and developing of electrical scooters to expand as rapidly as possible to make better models and to make them legal in more countries (by demand) and force policymakers to push the speedlimits from 20 km/h (made to fit only segway) to more reasonable 25-30 km/h (actual bike and ebike speeds).

About the autor:
I'm 31 years old and live in Gärdet, Stockholm, Sweden. I work in a gated community on a small island in Stockholm. This island happened to be one of the most eScooter dense places in the world, or at least sweden. More than 5% of the people drives eScooters which is quite a lot! There are less than 10'000 e scooters (for grownups) sold in sweden (more than half are probably scrapped and most people own in general 2 scooters) with a population of 9.5M only about 0,025-0,01% of the population owns an e Scooter.

I started the swedish site in the fall of 2012 to inform sweden about the upcoming eScooter revolution and to help people who bought the cheap crappy Alibaba models. Hopefully this site will help the eScooter movement and guide people who are interesting in buying an e scooter. Most ones go with basic budget models not knowing about all their defects and having them scrapped within a year is devastating. The gap between the budget (€500) and the cheapest quality ones are €1000-1500. Hopefully a bigger and more informed market will help quality developers lower their prices and make good models more affordable.

2012-04: 800W alibaba model bought from (Scrapped december 2012).
2012-07: 800W Changliu 8007 bought from (Given away)
(2012-08: Tested a Segway for 15 minutes indoors at a gokart track.)
2012-12: Yamati Cyklopeden (returned 5 days later)
2013-01: 1000W@2012 alibaba model bought from added (Sold 2013-07 for 1/4 of the price)
2013-05: eBike Tonaro Bighit added (sold 2013-10).
2013-06: Changliu 8003 bought from Sunds Sportartikel in Germany (returned a few days later)
2013-07: 1000W@2013 alibaba model bought from Forca Sports in Germany (barely working).
2013-09: Forca eBike (Seagull) bought from Forca Sports in Germany (Not working).
2013-11: Freego F2 (Segway copy) bought from Freego China (Barely using).
2014-02: Gravity Free Mushing Pro (non electric Kickscooter) ordered.
Status summary: 2 scapped, 1 tested, 2 sold, 2 returned, 2 working.

(This type of summary will be soon be available to make for registered users).